I create music tour packages for Australian high school music students to travel to New Zealand. Students perform at local schools and gain performance experience and friendships. I offer all-inclusive travel packages for schools to save time for busy music teachers.

I also create memorable holiday experiences for School Alumni, Teachers, over 55s and retirees who want to travel within the Australia/New Zealand, also for Schools and Adults tours from the USA and Canada who want to travel within the Australia/New Zealand, with one point of contact for all tour plans.

Business Profile - Great Tour Experiences

-  Australia and New Zealand.

Our Tours:         
- Music, Performing Arts,
- Earth & Science
- Geography 
- Adult Special Interest Tours

  What's Included:    Costing, Quality Airlines, First Class Coachlines, Itinerary, Travel wallet, Assistance.

- Tour Guide if needed.

The Edwards Family


I'm Charmaine Edwards from Sydney, Australia. I grew up in New Zealand and moved to Australia when 17. 

Great Tour Experiences is my business. I have been forging a career in the travel industry since 2004. I worked in the family business for ten years. In 2014 my Dad sold the family business to an American tour operator. In 2015 I started my own business, Great Tour Experiences Pty Ltd.

By starting my own business, I have the freedom to work from home. This allows me to dedicate extra time to work closely with my clients and ensure I can provide basically a 24/7 support framework. I am passionate about what I do and will provide you with a great experience and make lifetime memories. I love working with people and creating for them the most amazing experiences during their travel. 

I am someone who thrives on helping with the planning of tours,  particularly if you have never travelled before, I will provide that extra support through the whole process to get you there. To me, you need to make memories, have fun, and make new friends on your travels.

I continue to work closely with other professional Tour Operators and suppliers in New Zealand and the USA. This allows me to provide direct assistance for you should you need to handle any problem and need me to do so. I understand the many issues teachers and parents need to address when organizing a smooth and seamless tour. I have managed 100's of International Tours and know how to work through their needs and what makes a good time happen.

We would offer the convenience of personalized service and as a member of SYTA (Student Youth Travel Association) and NTA (National Tour Association). I am a Receptive Tour Operator for their Members handling their Group Tours' DOWN UNDER' in Australia and New Zealand.

I offer all-inclusive travel packages and group tour experiences, with the benefit of one point of contact for all tour plans via phone or online.

Call me to talk about your travel plans or email me with your requirements, and I will get back to you.

I am an endorsed Tourism New Zealand Expert and have excellent industry associates. I work within the USA, Europe, and the UK. Group touring is my business. However, if there is only one, two or small numbers, generally, I will get another very experienced Travel Agent to contact you to assist.


I fix rare problem's when they arise. E.g., The  unexpected problem’s when they arise, such as the need to change an itinerary on a Sunday when the road to Milford Sound in New Zealand was closed because of heavy snow. 

I also had another school going on Monday that couldn't get through either.

I needed to find a way to get two different accommodation groups at Queenstown when the town was theoretically full. Changing bookings like that is no mean feat. But it is possible due to the respect and closeness with all my suppliers and operators in New Zealand. One group went from the Holiday Park to a resort. They went from 3* to 5*. The schools were Braemar College and Geelong College.

OUR VISION:  Is for the students to learn and perform their music and bring adults Down Under and enjoy new experiences and make lifetime memories.

There is a great difference between a retail Travel Agent and a true Group Tour Operator who handles tour groups inbound and outbound to countries worldwide. Movements to and from Australia and New Zealand are my speciality.

Where I’ve travelled:

Nearly every nook and cranny of New Zealand, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Disneyland, Nashville, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, and Orlando. I have cruised the Pacific three times and holidayed in Fiji. I still have plenty of places I would like to go and see. For now, I am putting my own business first. My time to travel more will come. Meantime I have you, my clients, to take care of.