Why Travel with Great Tour Experiences


It’s very important when you are thinking of touring and choosing an expert to operate your Group Tour. I have been to many places and if not I have direct access to people who have. My personal connections are invaluable in this industry for you must be able to arrange tours to meet all client’s needs and requests. I use people like myself as Inbound Tour Operators in various countries except Australia and New Zealand. I am endorsed, by Tourism New Zealand as an expert New Zealand Agent.


It is important we communicate well and I listen to your requests and understand, what your wish list may be.

“It’s often the smallest detail that makes perfection. …… Perfection is anything but a mere detail”. I cannot claim to be perfect but I can claim full marks for ensuring the detail minimises errors. I can provide you with fully detailed, timed and descriptive itineraries with my quotation and when you have approved it as your final itinerary and that is the itinerary that your tour suppliers will operate.


The standard of accommodations I use, provide 24-hour security and front desk service. That makes for a good enjoyable tour. GROUP TOURING IN SAFER AND MORE FUN in this modern society. There is much more safety in touring and sticking together in small groups. There is more fun touring with your friends, and your mates, because not only do you have fun on tour but the memories last a lifetime.  When schools tour with me I provide special concessions so additional teachers can travel with you to share the fun and help keep your supervision numbers at a preferred standard.

 I have had it instilled in me that for a little extra money you can enjoy much better 3.5 or 4 Star rated hotels which are a much better value deal. The Comfort standards, are important for it is comfort that guarantees good behaviour, good health,  great meal options, usually buffet or 2 and 3 courses, come from International standard kitchens, with chefs that understand the health requirements and they have answers to all dietary needs.

Comfort is also important in the air too. I use Air New Zealand as my Number One carrier and others that attain the same standards as they do. The pitch of the seating is important as much as the leg room. Chef prepared full-scale meals and beverage service, “The Works” Air New Zealand calls it and include in-seat audio service and access to dozens of movies and other entertainment options. Our student explorers are emerging adults and this is all a learning curve for them.

I use 4 Star and 5 Star internationally rated coaches. Oceania Coachlines in New Zealand is my standard. 48, 45, 43 seat coaches with big luggage bins are the standard. They have midi 29 seats, 4-star coaches for smaller groups. They are of international standard and all seat belted and air conditioned etc.

I aim to supply comfort plus and then our clients come back. Today Holiday parks are much improved as are Mountain Lodges and in the appropriate place and for the appropriate activity I do use them but I try to spoil my clients.