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Soft Luggage:

If you need to buy luggage look for the soft bag,wheeled versions with pull-out handles. Look for wide, sturdy rollers with plenty of ground clearance. Check they're securely fastened to the frame of the bag, and that the bag is stable when sitting upright.

Handles with two horizontal bars are better than one, and ensure that the mechanism slides freely and doesn't feel flimsy in the shop – it won't be any better out in the real world.

Confirm that the handle sits at an appropriate height for the length of your arms.

These types of bags are easier to transport on flat surfaces, which makes it much easier to stack under the coach with a large group on tour and if you are a music group you will need to also carry your music instruments.  If you wish to have these added to your tour please let me know.

Your group will be looked after from start to finish personally.  While you are on tour, you will have assistance from our local expert operators as well as 24-hour phone support from us back home if needed.

Jolly Soles
Jolly Soles is an Australian family-owned business that provides boxes of socks as a fundraiser for your school, sporting club, charity or community event. | request more information | 08 8725 175

Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough: An outstanding home baking product that all the family will love getting involved in. No money upfront. | request more information | 1800 657 489


Cookbooks are often seen on bestseller lists, so why not create your own best seller for your school or club? It's easy to publish your own cookbook, complete with high-quality printing and a professional finish and photos. Get recipes from Teachers – Mothers – Fathers – Grandma – Grandpa – Christmas – Past StudentsPublished Authors                 Phone 0402 743 558

Risk Assessment:
If you would like this just ask...

Qualmark is New Zealand tourism’s official quality assurance organisation.

Current airline taxes, security taxes and fuel levy surcharges are in every quotation. They are however levied, on a daily basis and only at the time of final tour payments can this rate be confirmed.
All breakfasts, some lunches and all dinners are included in your tour.
Dietary Requirements:
I understand that there are many people who have allergies. You will need to provide me a list of all dietary requirements . This information will be given to the airline, hotels and other places you may be eating at. In severe cases I will arrange  for them to meet the chef and have all there meals made my one person.
In case of an emergency:
Contact your Insurance Company they are set up 24 hours to assist you wherever you are.
Parents Contact:
Some school like parents travelling that helps lowing the over all costs. But some don't parents/other family members can hire a car and sometimes put them in another hotel away from the group. – If there is any question, please ask your school teacher.
Travel Insurance:
It is recommended that the entire group has insurance, however if you do your own, please let me know.
It is important that groups are insured on one policy, so that if there is an emergency, the group leader can make one phone call to the insurance company.  Put insurance in place as soon as tour deposits are paid for . Earlier protection the better. 
To obtain a quotation or purchase an individual policy online.
Musical Instruments Marsh’s
Musical equipment insurance
Now is not the time to reach for your soft cover guitar case. When your instruments are taking to the sky, they should always be packed in hardcover, protective case. A hard case will prevent your instruments from being crushed by other luggage. Plus, it will keep all the pieces nice and snug so that bumps of take off, landing and mid-flight turbulence don't damage your delicate strings and whatnot.
From professional performers and music teachers to those who simply own an instrument, the Marsh Advantage Insurance team can arrange insurance products to cover your musical equipment and instruments.
We have cover options available for your:
PA system, Drum, Bassoon, and more
Cello, Double Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Trumpet, Saxophone, Flue, Clarinet,
Marsh Advantage Insurance can arrange cover that aims to ensure your equipment and instruments are repaired or replaced if damaged or stolen anywhere in the world. For an additional premium, we can also arrange cover for your legal liability* as a musician if you cause injury to other people or damage to their property.
  • Contact the Marsh Advantage Insurance musical equipment team for more information or get a quote.

    Professional indemnity insurance
    Public liability insurance

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