Teaching Staff Travel Free

Teaching Staff Travel Free

Educational tours for sport, music and similar. Also including all youth groups requiring supervision.

I provide supervising teachers travel – two teachers for 24 students travelling in a 29 seat coach. This is based on education organisation standards at a ratio 1:12  with a minimum of 20 students travelling and paying to qualify. Numbers in excess of this travel at the same ratio in 43/ 49 seat coaches. This concession is limited to 4 teachers at no extra cost (NEC) and using twin share/ double rooms.

Some teachers require a single room, If they require one a single supplement is charged..

(Teachers still incur and are required to pay taxes and insurance)

Some schools have there own specific ratio requirements and we are open to your requests to vary and adjust the ratio concession,  This should be discussed at the time of planning your tour so allowances can be negotiated to suit the required needs.

Adult tours have one tour leader if travelling as a group and the minimum, 20 paying passengers applies to qualify..

Teachers Educational Study Tours

Are you interested in going on a special educational group tour (minimum numbers apply)… These tours are educational and are led by a teacher and generally qualify as a tax deductible expense.  These tours are based on similar educational student tours.

Tours – Earth and Science, Geography and Music