Terms & Conditions


Provider and money:

  1. The travel services provider is trading as Great Tour Experiences ABN 22 632 522 331 (GTE).
  2. Unless expressly stated otherwise, all:(b)     Prices and money amounts are expressed as inclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST) where GST applies.
  3. Booking:
  4. (a)     References to money, $, or dollars are in Australian Dollars. Unless specified on the quotation to Overseas Travel Agents. (E.g. NZD when touring New Zealand)
  5. To make a booking, either: (b)    telephone GTE direct.
  6. (a)    complete your details in the “contact” section of GTE’s website for a GTE team member to contact you; or
  7. (a)   Correctly spelt full names of all members of travelling parties must be provided and match the corresponding traveller’s passports. (c)   Caution: airline carriers may refuse boarding permission to travellers due to incorrectly spelt names.
  8. (b)   Travellers will be charged additional fees where amendments to documents are necessitated as a consequence of typographical or spelling errors provided by the traveller or their agent.
  9. All reservations are subject to availability at the time of booking which will be made after full deposits have been paid and received.
  10. (a)     Pre-booking verbal and other pricing quotations are estimates only and prices may differ at the time of booking. (c)     Travellers shall be liable and responsible for payment of increased prices and charges that occur before final payments are received by GTE. GTE will cover increased prices and charges that occur after all travellers in a group have paid for their package in full.
  11. (b)    Prices can vary for many reasons, for example, third party suppliers increasing costs, new or increased taxes, fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates.
  12. In all bookings consisting of two or more travellers, the person making the booking on behalf of their travelling companions will be deemed to have accepted the booking terms and conditions on behalf of all their travelling companions as the authorised agent of each of their travelling companions.
  13. Payments
  14. GTE will inform travellers of the deposit amounts per traveller payable at the time of booking, however in all circumstances, the minimum booking deposits payable to GTE are as follows:(b)   Razzle Dazzle: $200.00 per person, is non-refundable. Maybe more if the hotel needs a depaosit.
  15. (c)     All other adult tours: minimum $500 per person. Paid deposits are non-refundable.
  16. (a)    Student Tours: $200.00 per person. Paid deposits are non-refundable.
  17. The full balance of all payments is payable no later than 65 days before departure date except where specified otherwise.
  18. Calculation of final instalment payments will be calculated on the day of payment, calculation is based on that day’s applicable foreign currency exchange rate as quoted by ANZ Bank to GTE.
  19. Tickets and all other travel documents will be issued only after clearance of the full payment is received.
  20. (a)   Payment of any monies to GTE is payable only by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or direct deposit into GTE’s bank account or by cheque drawn on an Australian trading bank. Cheques must be made payable to Great Tour Experiences. Cancellation and Refunds (Travel Insurance is recommended)
  21. (b)    Payments cannot be made by credit card. GTE does not have credit card or debit card processing facilities.
  22. Cancellation charges and refunds can vary depending on tour types. Additional information and conditions are contained in travellers’ Tour Booking Forms.
  23. All deposits are non-refundable, subject to clause 8 above.
  24. Cancellation notification must be made in writing, sent via email to greattourexperiences@outlook.com .
  25. In addition to non-refundable deposits, other cancellation charges apply as follows:(b)   all cancellations received within 21 days of departure date 100% of the tour cost per person except where previously agreed otherwise in writing.
  26. (c)    any other charges and fees levied by third party suppliers.
  27. (a)    all cancellations received 30 days or more before departure date, 50% of the tour cost per person;
  28. In the event of cancellation or postponement of an event by the event promoter or any other organisation, GTE will not be liable in any way for such cancellations and does not warrant any refund by third parties. Travel Insurance is recommended to cover you for such loss.
  29. No refunds are payable in respect of unused accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours, transfers, or any other services included in tour costs.
  30. Amendments and Changes to Bookings
  31. Changes to tour or travel booking will incur:(b)    any additional fees and charges charged by third party suppliers to GTE or to travellers direct.
  32. (a)    an additional charge by GTE of $55.00 per booking changed; and
  33. GTE will be guided by, and travellers will be bound by, the terms and conditions specified by the airline in respect of amending airline tickets
  34. (a)    Tour fares are based on airfares and exchange rates current as at the date tickets are printed. (c)     In the event of currency fluctuations or necessary amendments to itineraries, tour costs will be adjusted accordingly, and the additional costs, if any, must be paid by the travellers. Conversely, should such changes result in a reduction to a tour’s total cost, a refund will be made.
  35. Flights, Passports, Visas, Permits
  36. (b)     Travellers are liable in respect of any airline fare increases that occur before departure.
  37. (a)   All travellers are required to present for photographic and passport identification and verification at check-in. (c)     Airlines have the right to refuse travellers to board who do not check-in within the required check-in period. (e)    All international travellers require passports to remain valid and not expire for at least six months or more at all times. (e)    It is solely the traveller’s responsibility to arrange all necessary visas and permits to travel.
  38. Additional Taxes and Charges
  39. (f)     It is the traveller’s responsibility to ensure the currency of their passport.
  40. (d)   It is the traveller’s responsibility to determine check-in times and ensure their check-in at the appropriate time.
  41. (b)    Most airlines require group travellers to check-in approximately 120 minutes (2 hours) before departure.
  42. (a)    All pre-payable airport taxes and charges are included in the tour price, however, they are subject to change.
  43. (b)    In some cases, airports levy additional charges on departure and such charges are the sole responsibility of the traveller.
  44. Hotels and service providers often add service fees and charges to accounts of a personal nature. Such fees and charges are solely the responsibility of the traveller.
  45. Insurance
  46. GTE strongly recommends travellers obtain suitable and adequate travel insurance that provides appropriate cover and indemnity against unforeseen circumstances.
  47. GTE is not liable in any way regarding travellers’ insurance arrangements. Travellers are solely responsible for arranging and obtaining suitable and adequate travel insurance and retaining insurance and policy documents in a safe place.
  48. Insurance policies are subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. GTE recommends travellers carefully read their insurance policies and understand policies’ terms, conditions and exclusions.
  49. Tour Inclusions
  50. It is the traveller’s sole responsibility at the time of making the booking, to confirm which components are included in purchased tours and packages.
  51. GTE is not responsible for any failure by travellers to confirm their tours and packaged inclusions.
  52. Tour Exclusions
  53. Unless expressly and clearly stated in itineraries as included in the tour cost, the following are not included in tour and travel packages: charges for passports, visas, meals, beverages, laundry, excess baggage, items of a personal nature, vaccinations and inoculations, expenses for guides and transportation, insurance cover, and any item in an itinerary marked as being an option or is optional.
  54. Privacy Policy
  55. GTE collects certain personally identifiable information from tour coordinators and travellers for the purpose of providing its services.
  56. GTE is the sole owner of all information it collects.
  57. To provide its services, GTE may be required to disclose such information to third parties such as airlines, tour coordinators and accommodation providers. GTE will not disclose personal information unless it is necessary to procure a service on a travellers’ behalf or is compelled by law to do so.
  58. (a) In providing its services and receive payment for such services, GTE may request certain personally identifiable information from travellers (such as name and residential address). (c) Providing incorrect information can lead to an inability for GTE to provide its services and, in some jurisdictions, may lead to criminal charges.
  59. (b) Travellers must provide the accurate contact information requested by GTE
  60. GTE will not collect sensitive information about travellers from anyone else without the traveller’s consent.
  61. Travellers at all times retain the right to access their personally identifiable information that is within GTE’s possession or control to ensure its accuracy. If travellers wish to ensure the accuracy of such information or change the details provided, or that GTE delete information, travellers may request such from GTE in writing.
  62. GTE is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. GTE engages in practices and safeguards to help ensure the accuracy and security of personal information. If travellers have any concerns about privacy, they are asked to contact GTE.
  63. Disclaimer
  64. GTE acts as an intermediary and agent for suppliers in selling services, or in accepting reservations or bookings for services that are not directly supplied by GTE, such as airline tickets, hotel accommodations, event tickets, ground transportation, meals, tours and cruises.
  65. GTE is not responsible for any breach of contract or intentional or careless actions or omissions on the part of third party suppliers that result in any loss, damage, delay or injury to travellers or their travel companions or group members.
  66. GTE shall not be responsible for any injuries, damages or losses caused to any traveller in connection with terrorist activities, war, insurrection, radiation or radioactivity, social or labour unrest, mechanical or construction difficulties, diseases, local laws, climatic conditions, abnormal conditions or developments or any other action, omissions or conditions outside the coverage against them.
  67. Traveller’s retention of tickets, vouchers or booking issued to them constitutes travellers’ consent to the above and an agreement on their part to convey the contents of these terms and conditions to their/your travel companions and/or group members.
  68. By engaging GTE and making a deposit and/or full payment for packages or specified arrangements, travellers acknowledge GTE’s position as set out in these terms and conditions and agree to hold GTE blameless in making arrangements on travellers’ behalf, provided same shall be made through generally acceptable suppliers at the time of engagement, and travellers further agree that restitution of damages, if any are claimed, shall be sought directly from third party suppliers and not from GTE.
  69. Travellers also agree:(b)    that rates are subject to changes without notice;(d)   payment of a deposit or full payment constitutes their consent and agreement to these stated provisions
  70. Force Majeure:
  71. (c)    tickets or admissions to tours and events are subject to availability;
  72. (a)    they are bound by tour suppliers’ terms and conditions and services as set forth by the suppliers;
  73. GTE shall not be liable in respect of, and to pay any compensation where the performance of its obligations is prevented or affected (whether directly, indirectly or contributed to) by reason of circumstances amounting to force majeure events outside its control including, for example, by reason of an act of God, an act of public enemy, war, earthquake, riot, fire, storm, flood, explosion, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, adverse weather conditions, compliance with any law governmental restraint order or rule, and all similar events.
  74. Governing Law:
  75. All parties agree and acknowledge that any legal relationship with GTE, and any claim, dispute or legal proceedings against, with, or concerning, GTE:(b)   each party irrevocably submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of NSW, Australia;(d)   shall not, and cannot, be brought or determined under the laws or courts of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand or the dominion of Canada or their territories or protectorates.
  76. Arranged Visits
  77. (c)    a party may not seek to have any proceedings removed from the jurisdiction of NSW Australia on the grounds of forum non-conveniens or on any other grounds and, for the avoidance of doubt, all parties waive any right they have or may have to object to an action being brought in the jurisdiction of NSW, Australia;
  78. (a)    is governed and construed under the laws of New South Wales (NSW), Australia;
  79. If your party requires an introduction to, or arrangements made with, a school or organisation, GTE will endeavour to facilitate such and initiate an initial introduction. Thereafter, however, both parties are responsible as between themselves regarding ongoing other matters such as communications, requirements, scheduling of events, exchanging gifts, and agreement regarding disbursement of subsequent costs and or proceeds.
  80. Code of Conduct
  81. (a)   All travellers are expected to uphold and maintain acceptable levels of behaviour, conduct, decency, respect and language. (c)   Individual travellers and/or touring schools/organisations shall be liable for and be held accountable for all damage, repair, replacement, restitution, court and legal expenses, fines and compensation arising from their actions or the actions of members of their travelling party.
  82. (d)   Should any traveller be removed from a tour, all associated costs for return to their home destination shall be solely at the traveller’s own expense, and no refunds are payable by GTE or any other party for any unused portion of such traveller’s tour or package.
  83. (b)   Theft, harassment, malicious damage, and acts of a similar anti-social nature will not be tolerated.

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