Thoughts on New Zealand

For Earth Science you can see active volcanism, young rocks and processes that just can’t be seen in Australia.

The North Island is very active volcanically whilst the South Island features mountain building, glaciers and metamorphism.

New Zealand is a wonderful place to visit for Earth Science as students can see the processes in action.

White Island, Rotorua and Mount Cook (with the Fox Glacier) would have to be the highlights for me. So much teaching can be done in these three locations.

Jo Watkins
Chief Executive Officer| Earth Science Western Australia

Great Tour Experiences

What do people have to say about New Zealand?

  • New Zealand is Fire and Ice.
  • North Island is Volcanic.
  • South Island is metamorphism.
  • This was my first trip away and I have had a blast!
  •  Rotorua, New Zealand’s Geothermal and Maori Heritage Centrepiece.
  •  Winter in Hokianga is hot chocolate and a fireplace.
  • You can stand on a live Volcano.
  • North Island is Geology.
  • The area’s location on the Pacific Ring of Fire.
  • Hells Gate, you experience it with your eyes, ears, hands and the heat coming through your feet.
  • Opportunity for the students to see and learn a big part of their course here in New Zealand.
  •  Understanding Volcano’s make Sulphur, as they have now smelt it.
  •  Every corner you go around there is something different to look at, Forests, Mountains, Farmlands and then the sea.
  •  In New Zealand Students acutely get to see it first hand.
  • The White Island trip is well worth the time.
  • The volcanic peaks of Mount Ruapehu, Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Tongariro that make up Tongariro National Park were made famous for Mount Doom.
  • I find a lot of students retain it and understand what they are learning when they see it first hand.
  • I got to know the year 12’s a lot better on this music tour.
  • We got to make a lot of new friends from Australia and New Zealand.
  • See the sunrise in the Bay of Islands and the sunset in Hokianga Harbour is just the best.
  • My first trip away to New Zealand was with my Mum, Dad and Grandpa, we got to learn a lot about my Grandpa’s life as we ventured around the North and South Islands.
  • South Island is the Mountain and Glaciers.
  • It’s a real experience for the students.
  • I don’t think you can get any other place more exciting for Geologic activity and the students would be wowed.
  • The best milkshakes came from Te Anau.
  • Driving from place to place in both the North and South Islands is an adventure in itself, the endless changes in scenery and landscapes is truly stunning.
  • You quickly see the change in students as they can’t help but become engaged and interact with the specialist tour guides at each unique learning destination.
  • Students enjoyed the practical learning activities, giving them a real insight into the traditional Maori culture.
  • I always thought of New Zealand as a great holiday destination, now I also see it as a great learning environment for students.